The bad news are everywhere and the citizen of Denia are feeling insecure if they are planning to develop a building project on their plot, a reformation of their property or even to construct a swimming pool because they have heard that Denia doesn’t have a Development Plan at the moment.

However, it is not necessary to worry too much about this situation because the non-existence of a building plan doesn’t mean that any construction is forbidden or that nothing can be done.

The 29th of June 2017 the Supreme Court agreed to cancel the provisional building rules (Régimen Urbanístico Transitorio, RUT) approved by the Conselleria (ministry department) from May 2013 until June 2017. This meant the application of the Development Plan from 1972. Due to a request of the City Council, Conselleria on the 28th of July 2017, has decided to suspend the validity of the old plan and all it’s developments plans for the Old Town, Monte Montgó and the industrial area, all those from the 70’s, because the old plan does no longer correspond to the current building reality.

Given this situation, the City Council had to start a procedure in order to approve urgent building rules and has established some guidelines for deciding which parts of Denia don’t require a project for landscape integration. The zones that doesn’t require such a project are:

Montepego, Deveses, Caudeli, Costa de la Calma, Deniamar, Denia Park, El Palmar, Les Bovetes, El Retiro, El Datiler, La Marjal, Suertes del Mar, Sant Nicolau, La Florida, Altomira, Quijote, Els Campusos, Marquesa y Marquesa VI, y Mitjans.

In some occasions, the termination of the Development Plan has suspended the building licenses for one year.

Due to all this, if you are planning to carry out any building work, we strongly recommend to apply for a building report of your plot in order to be aware of the allowed building works and the correct legal way to carry them out. With this chaos, the officials at the City Council are having problems to act correctly so the issuing of a report can take months. However, it is very important before investing, to have the security and information about the legality and possible problems that affect the properties in Denia.


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