Spain- A country of opportunities for investment and entrepreneurs

Spain, has recuperated its attraction as a country with fantastic investment possibilities and at the moment it is considered as the country of opportunities. This is one of the conclusions reached this year by the “Consejo Empresarial para la Competividad” (CEC). The Spanish economy in sectors such as Real Estate is strengthen further by the security offered to the investor due to the legal certainty given when purchasing assets, always in the case when the conveyancing is carried out under the correct legal supervision.

The Real Estate sector can be found in a strategic position, making Spain an attractive destination for foreign investors. The severe drop in the housing prices since that the start of the economic crisis has affected Spain in a particular manner, giving Spain today an advantageous position as an investment option being that there are great offers and opportunities available.

We can also not forgot the lovely movement that the Spanish Mediterranean Coast holds, especially that of the Costa Blanca with its pleasant temperatures all year around, long days of sun and beautiful scenery. Alongside its exquisite gastronomy and offer in health and spare time activities, converting the Costa Blanca in a very attractive area.

All of the above contribute to the increase in foreign investment, and also the increase in new intermediary agencies that are attempting to take advantage of the situation in many cases not offering a correct service. This happened some years back in the last Real Estate “Boom”, in which some foreigners suffered from buying with inexperienced agencies under pressure to complete quickly. Unfortunately today lawyer’s offices are receiving again cases with big legal problems caused by a wrong advice.

There is currently a greater legal protection for buyers that in the past, but it is important to ensure you are fully advised and have all the necessary information regarding the asset you wish to acquire, and solicitors whose speciality is this sector, count with special departments for foreign investors.

We have to mention that there are well renowned estate agents who work alongside solicitors to ensure that the investor is fully protected throughout the investment.

Investing in Spain is a fantastic opportunity, but you must carry this out with the necessary protection.


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