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In the last few days we have noticed increasing concern in friends and clients in relation to their properties situated on the Mediterranean cost of Spain. This concern affects clients with properties that are safely locked up and used for holidays or rented to third parties. Also clients with building projects who have had to stop the works due to the current situation. In any case, we are talking about properties which are inaccessible due to the general ban on all travel and the lockdown.

A lot of property owners may want to know if any water has entered the property due to the heavy rain and storms, and if there has been any damage, if the security system is still working correctly, etc. In summary, if everything is okay with their houses in Spain.

We have always recommended that our clients install security systems and cameras. Although the installation of security cameras may seem to be necessary only for Hotels and big houses, the truth is that this is very convenient for any type of house as this offer the possibility to see the house in real time through a mobile or computer app This way, the owners can check on the garden and the general state of their houses despite the distance.

The current situation also gives us the opportunity to think about where we want to live, what we need from our houses and what they should offer us. Our homes are now our best friends.

A lot of readers will think at this point that it is now too late to think about these kind of things and that these are good suggestions for the future. As the current situation caught us all by surprise,  no one ever imagined this situation possible where all European countries would be under lockdown and where all forms of travel are now restricted.

All this makes us think about a service that our technical department has been offering for a number of years to all our clients who purchased a house or build one. We call this service the “Caretaker Service” and it consists in that one selected member of our team goes to the property to inspect it and take photos. These are then sent with a small report to the property owner by e-mail.  This service can be used as many times as the clients desire. This is an affordable service which brings peace of mind to worried home owners and is, therefore, perfect for such situations as the present. This service can of course also be organized privately, where a good friend or neighbour can go to check on the house. In any case, whatever method you prefer, the knowledge that your property is being looked after is one less worry in these trying times.

Of course, in this article we also wish to mention that at the moment all our streets, both main roads, and secondary streets and the those of the urbanizations, are kept under surveillance by the Local Police and Civil Protection Brigade, who are doing an extraordinary job these days. Therefore, it is very difficult for something serious to happen without their knowledge. The Police would then inform the home owners. The Police can also be called at any time if necessary.

At the moment we are experiencing an extraordinary solidarity between the citizen and neighbours who, if need be, can inform us of any circumstances which need addressing and can be contacted if necessary. Until today, we have never seen this kind of harmony. Neither have we seen so many offers of help where help is needed.

Kindness is all around us and it is a pleasure to be part of this community.

By: María José García Garrido



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